Probate Lawyer in Fort Walton Beach, FL

Probate and Estate administration is the process by which a deceased person’s assets are legally transferred to the person or persons who will legally inherit them. Tracy O. Strom has the experience to handle your probate needs. Call to schedule an appointment.

Types of Estates:

• Testate Estates: these are estates probated in accordance with the terms of a will.

• Intestate Estates: in the event that a person does not have a will, the law will state how the assets will be distributed and to whom.

Types of Administration:

• Summary Administration: this type of administration is for smaller estates and usually takes less time than a Formal Administration.

• Formal Administration: this type of estate administration is for larger estates and involves appointing an individual to gather and distribute the assets after paying the claims of all creditors.


Estate Distribution:

Quite simply, if you have a properly executed will, your assets will be distributed to those listed in the will. Without a properly executed will, the assets will be distributed in accordance with the law.