Make sure your will is in order before it’s too late

A will (also known as a Last Will and Testament) is a legal document that will communicate how your assets and property are to be passed on after you have passed away. Your will must be properly executed, witnessed, and notarized for it to be completely legal and effective. Call Tracy O. Strom to schedule an appointment to get your affairs in order.

Get help with a power of attorney

Usually referred to as “Durable Power of Attorney,” this is a legal document that authorizes another person to act on your behalf, usually limited to financial matters, when you are unable to make decisions. This document is as important as your will.

Related Documents

• Designation of Health Care Surrogate: this document names a person to make health care decisions for you when you are unable to make the decisions for yourself.

• Living Will: this legal document states your wishes if you are ever on life support.
• Pre-Need Guardian Declaration: this declaration states which person you want to be your future Guardian in case a Guardianship is filed against you.