Elder Law Attorney in Fort Walton Beach, FL

If someone, due to age or disability, is incapable of making sound decisions for him or herself, then a judge may authorize another person guardianship to make these decisions for the person in need. Tracy O. Strom can assist you through your Guardianship care in Destin, FL and the surrounding areas.

Different Types of Guardianships:

• Emergency Temporary Guardianship: this type of guardianship is granted to allow a guardian to handle a person’s medical and financial needs on a temporary basis, usually up to 90 days.

• Plenary (Total) Guardianship: this type of guardianship gives a person full guardianship over all of another person’s finances and health care decisions.
• Limited Guardianship: this is a partial guardianship over someone’s finances and/or health care decisions.
• Voluntary Guardianship: this type of guardianship is useful when an individual wants the court to supervise his or her finances. For example, if your 75 year old grandmother is uncomfortable paying her bills or handling her finances, the court will appoint a guardian of her choice to assist her.
• Guardian Advocacy (Developmentally Disabled Guardianship): this special type of guardianship is established for an individual with developmental disabilities.
• Minor Guardianship: this is a guardianship for someone who is under 18 years of age.