Chapter 7

Bankruptcy Lawyer for Destin, FL

If your debt has become so significant that you are unable to pay your normal living expenses, then you should consider filing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. When filing Chapter 7, you are allowed to assume secured debts, like your home or car, that are current and that you have the ability to pay. You will also be able to keep other assets after filing bankruptcy. Once you have filed, you will receive your discharge in about 3 to 4 months.

Call a bankruptcy attorney at Tracy O. Strom to begin working on your new beginning with Chapter 7 Bankruptcy.

Can I keep my assets and personal property?

This is the main question that people have when facing bankruptcy. They want to know if they will lose their house, car, personal belongings, retirement accounts, or other assets. Even if you have filed Chapter 7, your circumstances may allow you to keep all of these items. As long as you continue to pay on your home and car, you should be able to keep them. Bankruptcy is truly a new beginning, let Tracy O Strom and her highly educated bankruptcy attorney advise you of the best options and choices for your situation.

What can I do about the annoying phone calls?

When you hire Tracy Strom for your Chapter 7 Bankruptcy case, you can refer your creditors and their annoying phone calls to her office. Once you file bankruptcy with the court, your creditors must leave you alone, and they can no longer contact you to collect the debt. If they do, they are likely violating federal bankruptcy laws.

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