Bankruptcy Lawyer for Destin & Fort Walton Beach, FL

If a person is unable to pay his or her bills, then a fresh financial start through a bankruptcy proceeding may be possible. Federal law protects your right to file for bankruptcy, all cases of which are handled in a federal court. Once you file bankruptcy, your creditors are immediately prevented from seeking collection of your debts, and upon discharge, your creditors will never again be able to attempt collecting that debt.

Filing bankruptcy is never an easy decision. Tracy Strom understands the struggles and hesitation involved with making this decision and can provide you with the counseling and advice you need to make the right decision for your specific situation. However, many times filing bankruptcy is the only way to stop debt collector harassment, wage garnishment, and foreclosure proceedings to get a fresh financial start and protect your assets like your car or home.

A bankruptcy lawyer will file for relief under the Federal Bankruptcy Code.

There are two different types of Bankruptcies. Chapter 7 is a liquidation bankruptcy in which the debtor does not have the ability to repay any portion of their debt. Chapter 13 is a debt consolidation bankruptcy where the debtor has the ability to pay all or a portion of their debt over a period of 3-5 years.